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We’re proud to hold the distinction of being the first chapter of Conscious Capitalism in the United States. We actively seek to support leaders and their organizations to accelerate the shift to Conscious Capitalism throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest.

Conscious Capitalism Chicago is an organization making a positive impact on the world, starting at your own front door. In a little more than two years, our chapter has formed a web of more than 1,000 people across Chicagoland who believe that trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation in business are vital to our future. Every one of those people can influence change in their organization. And the more than 100 business owners, CEOs and leaders involved in Conscious Capitalism Chicago are well suited to drive change from the top.

Conscious Capitalism Chicago is your local movement. We are your organization. We are laying the path so you can discover your greater purpose. We are connecting you with your tribe. We are offering you a place to voice hope. We are inviting you to be inspired. We are providing you a place to be challenged, to grow and to find wisdom, questions and answers. Join us.

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