Our Sponsors

We could not do all we do without our Sponsors. They help provide the commitment and resources to support the work of the Chicago Chapter.
City Staffing

City Staffing

City Staffing is an award-winning staffing agency in Chicago dedicated to giving people a platform to shine. They have an outstanding reputation for connecting fabulous companies with talented professionals.



Perma-Seal provides permanent solutions and stands behind its work with integrity. Its mission is to provide a superior customer experience and the greatest value, doing the right thing for its Clients, Tribe, Partners and Community, continuously improving through innovation and self-evaluation.

Gold Eagle

Gold Eagle Brands

Gold Eagle is driven to protect and preserve the things we love! It is a People-First organization and innovative leading provider of premium solutions that protect, preserve, and enhance the performance of consumer and durable goods which also helps sustain the environment.

Our Allies

We are not alone! There are many others who share our love and passion for elevating humanity through business in the Chicagoland area.

Here are a few of our best friends:

Net Impact
The Impact Engine
Ideaction Corps
The Center for Values Driven Leadership
B Corps Illinois

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